Ultimate Marketing, LLC Team Travels to Conference

Ultimate Marketing, LLC team traveled to attend national conference in Atlanta.

  The Ultimate Marketing, LLC team traveled to Atlanta, Georgia recently to attend a conference to attend workshops to better our. There, they were able to meet with others to network and learn about new developments. While gaining insight into the latest trends and information that will help them be more effective in the coming months, team members also had a chance to talk to others in the industry, share stories, and build strong bonds.

“We believe attending these industry conferences is incredibly important for our team,” said Jerry, the President of Ultimate Marketing, LLC. “While so much communication and training can be conducted digitally, there is still a lot of value to be had in going to an event. Of course, everyone was excited to take a trip and see what Atlanta offers. However, there are business benefits as well. Meeting others in the industry face-to-face helps build strong connections.”

Ultimate Marketing, LLC Team Finds Conferences to Be Valuable Learning Opportunities

The team at Ultimate Marketing, LLC also attend professional development training sessions during conferences. Being in a live audience instead of behind a video stream gives them a chance to observe the atmosphere of an event and the feedback from other attendees. “When you hear something you think is novel when watching a web conference, it’s hard to gauge if it really is groundbreaking. When the entire audience seems to agree, you know you’re learning something good and pay special attention,” said Jerry.

“We also find that conferences are great team-building activities. The events get us excited and we brainstorm ways to do our work better. It’s a huge energy and creativity boost,” said Jerry. “Whether the Ultimate Marketing, LLC team is examining ideas on how to use a new communications platform for outreach or discussing their opinions of a speaker’s ideas, going to a conference generates creativity and focus that are then channeled into innovations for our business.”

In the coming year, team members at Ultimate Marketing, LLC will have opportunities to experience a number of other conferences in their industry. “While going to the client’s national conference is great exposure,” said Jerry, “we also aim to go to industry functions to make sure we’re using current best practices. We want to make sure we’re not just providing industry standard work. It’s about incorporating the best ideas from the cutting edge.”

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